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''If you use your car to earn your livelihood protect yourself with a State-of-the-Art Radar & Laser Detector''

The Latest Range

Pic Snooper S6-R new
Advanced GPS Based System S6-R The Ultimate Driving Aid, the 'Snooper S6-R neo' combines the very latest Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and radar/laser technology. More details here...
Pic Snooper S5-R Advanced Digital S5-R Top of the range. Five Band Digital Radar/Laser Advanced Detector for professional drivers who really need to know what's going on around them. More details here...
Pic SD 815i SD815iS Our best selling five band Radar & Laser detector. Miniaturised state of the art circuitry. (All the power - half the fat). More...
Pic SD715i SD715iS Five band popular Radar & Laser detector. Super performance, Low cost. More...
Pic Snooper S1 Snooper S1 Four band Radar & Laser detector at a budget price. More...
SLD920X You've gotta see this! Updated version of the SLD920 laser cloaking device from Snooper. Make your vehicle invisible to Laser Guns. More info here...

  • Detect Radar Camera Traps
  • Detect Radar Guns
  • Detect Laser Guns

Our Snooper Radar & Laser detectors have been specially developed for peak performance in the special conditions and frequency regimes of the UK and Europe. They are 'top of the market' sophisticated designs incorporating properly tuned microwave cavities, antenae and associated electronics. They are not just rebadged devices intended for the USA market.

Snoopers detect Gatso camera speed traps, radar guns, stationary radar and laser guns. And now, thanks to Snooper's 5 Band technology, they can also detect the latest threat - the newly introduced mobile MiniGatso which operates on Ku Band, a brand new frequency. The introduction of 5 Band technology is an industry first and is only available on Snooper detectors.

Snoopers are also the only detectors to be truly manufactured to Pan European standards with EUROTECH 2000 extended bandwidths on all frequencies and not just Ka band - another industry number one and unique to Snooper.

In the UK and Europe the Snooper range of detectors will outperform all other detectors available to the motorist today. A continuing research and development program is underway to ensure that Snooper detectors remain the standard by which the others are judged.

No other detector comes close ...

  • New 5 Band technology detects Ku Band
  • FMT ® dramatically increases range on K and Ka bands
  • Extended Super Wideband Ka technology TBP®
  • Advanced digitally controlled warning system DSP®
  • Can detect all types of radar including photographic
  • Complete range to suit all needs and budgets
  • 2 years warranty

The Background

Speed camera animation
An Introduction to Camera, Radar and Laser Detection

The Technology

The patented technological breakthroughs exclusive to these Radar Detectors provide demonstrable and significant advantages over any other products on the market.

What they said about Snooper - our latest 5 band range is even better!

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