Snooper on Test
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Extracts from the 'Car Audio & Electronics' report on Radar Detectors

We travelled to Denver where Traffic Safety Technologies, a firm which markets camera traps, obliged us by setting up an installation on a long, straight city street. The afternoon spent watching their 75,000 camera in action gave us a new respect for the hardwares and a chill at the prospect of seeing more of these on the road.

Our week-long battery of tests revealed some surprises. We found that price was not necessarily a good indicator of performance and discovered that two of these detectors offer no practical defence at all against Ka band cameras. Our conclusions follow.

Think of the Snooper as the Porsche 911 Turbo of detectors: Expensive, great looking, and with high performance, but demanding a lot of the driver. The payoff is the best protection you can buy against cameras, coupled with industry leading X and K band radar ranges as well.

Significantly, the Snooper was the only detector to accurately reflect our distance from the camera, showing a nicely progressive increase in signal strength until it pegged a maximum reading at about 100 feet. All the others indicated a distant trap even as we passed the radar, fooled by the weak signal. This Ka band performance alone would make the Snooper the top choice if you expect an encounter with cameras.

Snooper is a complex piece to use and doesn't encourage a driver to plug it in and drive off without a thorough reading of the manual first. That said, life with a Snooper is generally harmonious.

With its superior performance and hunky good looks, Snooper clearly have a winner on their hands.

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