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Make your vehicle invisible to Laser Guns

Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and Stealth Technology were first developed for use by the military. This exciting technology is now available for civilian use. This is what FastGuy says...

"We now have for the first time a truly effective cloaking device for civilian use enabling you to protect yourself against laser monitoring. Stealth technology has previously only been available to the military but by using the latest electronics techniques we can now bring it to the civilian driver at reasonable cost.

When this device is fitted to your car it can become invisible to laser speed monitoring guns simply by flicking a switch. It is important to realise this is not a jammer. A jammer would prevent proper use of the laser gun and could be illegal to use in many states and countries. Our cloaking device effects only your vehicle it does not effect the laser gun itself."

How does it work

A Transducer

The key is the special transducer. Packed with sophistocated SM electronics and infra red optoelectronics and we're not saying exactly how it works. (If you try to take one apart to find out you will void your warranty- and probably damage the transducer as well) We cannot disclose the technical details but system operates like this.

When you start your car you throw a switch to activate the device. If you become a target of a laser gun a warning beeper sounds a continuous warning tone- just like the 'missile lock' of today's fighter aircraft. Although you are now 'illuminated' the operator cannot get a 'lock' on you. He finds nothing unusual in this- for a variety of different reasons he often fails to 'lock on' immediately to his target. You now have enough time to verify your speed is within legal limits. At this point you throw the switch to 'uncloak'. At that same instant the laser gun operator gets a good lock, zaps you with his laser and registers your speed.

Transducer Mounting Position

Does Laser Cloaking remove the need for a traditional Radar/Laser detector?

A cloaking device like this does not replace a radar/laser detector but should be used along side it. Laser is becoming much more widespread than it was a few years ago but radar is still widely used.

Safer than a radar detector used alone

Laser cloaking brings important safety benefits. Speed monitoring points are often set up simply to trap drivers. The locations are chosen to be as inconspicuous as possible and are often seen only at the last moment resulting in many vehicles breaking suddenly without apparent reason. If you have had vehicles in front of you behaving in this manner you will know how dangerous it can be.

Laser Cloaking along with a Radar Detector give drivers time to react in a controlled manner.

Supplied with everything you need

All components included

The SLD920 pack contains all the hardware and wiring you need. Plus comprehensive fitting instructions and connection details. You will be up and running in no time.

Easy to install

The cloaking device requires a little more installation work than a simple radar detector but not more than a car mechanic or competent DIY enthusiast could handle. The system comprises two special transducers which must be mounted in a forward position on the car. For example behind the grille or in the vehicle's air intake. They must be mounted to the left and right of a centre line passing through the car. A position should be chosen so they have a clear unobstructed view of the road ahead THROUGH THE AIR. In other words they cannot be mounted behind glass, plastic, metal or any other material. The transducers may be mounted in a horizontal or vertical orientation but the lenses MUST face directly forward. The transducers should not be mounted in a low position where road dirt is more likely to build up on the lenses or where stone chippings may strike and damage the special infra red lenses.

The two transducers are connected to a 12 volt source via a switch mounted within easy reach of the driver. A small beeper is provided which can usually be located behind the dash.

System maintenance

The only maintenance necessary is to keep the lenses clean by occasional rinsing with water. Heavy road dirt and grime and dried on insect debris can be removed by using a soft brush and plenty of water. A small spot of houshold detergent mixed with the water will help. Do not use 'non water' based solvents. Do not rub with a dry cloth. This can cause the gritty road dirt to scratch the lenses which will eventually degrade performance. If the lenses should become damaged replacements are available.

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