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How to contact us

We prefer you to contact us by email. It is fast and efficient and helps us keep costs low. But if you have difficulties then contact us by one of these alternative channels. But please remember we cannot answer technical questions by telephone. Fastguy's native language is English but by email he can understand French, Spanish, German, Italian and will try to answer in the same language.

  • Send Email to FastGuy
  • Fax - International: +44 1932 227279 - From the UK: 01932 227279
  • Telephone for admin mattters only. Please note...
    Items can only be ordered on-line with a credit card
    Sales and Technical questions are handled exclusively by email.
    International: +44 1932 244110 - From the UK: 01932 244110

We will ship these instruments anywhere in the world but in some countries there may be laws which forbid their use or importation. It is your responsibility to find out - Fastguy does not know the law in every country throughout the world. In the UK we believe this issue has now been clarified and there has been no restriction since 1989 (click here for the details).

The FastGuy Web Site is hosted at each of these locations...

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