Snooper on Test
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Extracts from the 'Motor' Magazine report on Radar Detectors

On the Road

The first location was along Seven Mile Lane in Kent - a fast country road that features a succession of gentle crests and troughs. Brian would position himself just beyond one of the crests, out of sight, and monitor traffic in the normal police fashion. We would just drive briskly and act on the warning of the detectors.

Hidden from view he may have been, but it was as if the Snooper had a direct cable link to Brian's trigger hand; when he pulled the trigger we knew about it, and that was from more than a mile away. Incredible!

The next test was even more demanding: a two mile run-up to a tight right hand corner leading to a long steep hill with the radar gun right at the bottom; shrouded by a last minute crest.

First the Snooper. With the sensitivity control at its optimum setting, its performance was, again, nothing more than spectacular. Just sitting at the start of the run-in, a lay-by two miles away from the radar, waiting for a gap in the traffic, it was possible to 'listen in' on what the radar gun was doing - precise bursts of two or three seconds, the time it takes to get a reading. There was hardly any point in setting off!

Snoopers were fitted to each target car and proved very capable of detecting the radar signals, even at the far end of the straight some 1600 yards away.

With radar guns and Truvelo, the police have a formidable armoury against the speeder. But with a Snooper, the motorist can stage a powerful counter attack.

Beware the Trap

If you are to beat radar at the detection game, alertness is the vital key. You must, quite literally, think like a patrolman, anticipate radar locations for possible ambush, use other vehicles to create interference. And, as the ultimate defence, invest in a Snooper.


A radar gun is super accurate, amazingly versatile and ridiculously easy to use. If you're a follower of stocks and shares, now would be a good time to buy into radar gun manufacture, because we are certain that it will become the standard speed trap. Radar, on the other hand, is not the amazing wonder weapon many people give it credit for. It can't see through hills or round corners, it will only home-in on the nearest target (assuming the targets are of a similar size), and it can be detected.

Radar detectors do work, some better than others. Of the three we tested we can strongly recommend the Snooper.

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