Low cost 4 Band Detector
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  Snooper S1

Inexpensive yet effective the Snooper S1 is an ideal detector for the lower mileage UK driver.

The S1 is a 4 band detector covering most of the Radar frequencies in use today but at a budget price that is hard to ignore.

Although the S1 does not cover the Ku band (often used in mainland Europe) it has many of the features of its 5 band cousins including Laser Detection, immunity to VG2 Radar Detector Detectors and good sensitivity to Gatso Speed Cameras.

The Snooper brand of detectors is well known in the UK for quality, reliability and effectiveness. The S1 is Snooper's response to meet the needs of a budget price detector but without the compromise on quality or sensitivity seen in some imports. The Snooper S1 is a good choice for low mileage UK drivers who rarely need to cover the full range of frequencies in use throught the whole of Europe.

Snooper S1 features


All accessories included

Attractive presentation packaging

An ideal gift for the driver who has everything.

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