Advanced Digital S5-R
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 Snooper S5-R

The Advanced Digital S5-R from Snooper is the company's flagship detector. It is the ultimate detector. It combines all the leading features you expect from Snooper yet manages to pack in still more. Yet again Snooper have leapt ahead in the competitive radar detector market and succeeded in creating a world leading product. If you want the best then the Advanced Digital S5-R is the way to go.

The S5-R provides comprehensive coverage of all Radar and Laser Speed Traps alerting you to Accident Blackspots where they are often located. Electronically indicating potentially dangerous and hazardous situations.

Many detectors respond to an incoming signal by flashing a light and sounding an audible alarm when a predetermined threshold is reached. The Snooper S5-R does more. It analyses the signal and shows the result on the digital readout. You have comprehensive information about the increasing strength of an incoming signal and can make a calculated decision on how to respond. You are provided with the earliest possible warning of potential hot spots.

Despite the advanced features it is simple to set up and use. Simply connect to the vehicle cigarette lighter socket. Your personal settings are remembered next time you switch on.

Summary of Snooper S5-R features

Digital Logic Settings

To ensure that the Snooper S5-R operates at maximum sensitivity while minimizing the type of 'false alerts' sometimes associated with lower cost radar detectors, the S5-R incorporates 3 Digital Logic Modes. Digital Logic is unique to the Snooper S5-R and enables the user to choose between three Logic modes, producing three different frequency response profiles.
Logic Mode 1
Logic Mode 2
Central Europe
Logic Mode 3
United Kingdom
 X Band On   X Band Off   X Band Off 
 K Band On   K Band On   K Band On 
 Ka Band On   Ka Band On   Ka Band Off 
 Ku Band On   Ku Band On   Ku Band Off 
 Laser On   Laser On   Laser On 

Digital Text Display

The Snooper S5-R analyses the incoming signal and displays the result on the digital readout.
Detailed Text Messages

This message shows the S5-R responding to a Radar signal in the K band. It indicates the relative strength by the illuminated chevrons and the number indicates the absolute signal strength.
Detailed Text Messages

Another example shows the S5-R responding to a tripod mounted Laser. The special prismatic cell on the top of the instrument gives 360° response.

Ready to go

The Snooper S5-R comes in a presentation pack with everything needed. You'll be up and running in 5 minutes. Simply connect to the vehicle (cigarette lighter) power socket, switch on, adjust volume.

It's in the pack...

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