Advanced GPS Based System S6-R
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Pic Snooper S6-R  S6-R neo

Modular Safety Alert System with GPS and radar/laser technology


Utilising the very latest Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and radar/laser technology, Snooper have created the S6-R neo, an Industry First and the Ultimate Driving Aid.

The Snooper S6-R neo has been specially designed to help you drive safely within the confines of today's speed limits by alerting you quickly and easily to the presence of Police Speed Traps, often located at Accident Blackspots, electronically indicating potentially dangerous and hazardous situations.

What it Does and How it Works

The geographical co-ordinates of all 'fixed' speed monitoring systems and many officialy designated accident 'hotspots' have been stored on a database which is constantly monitored and up-dated by Snooper's data collection team, ensuring that you are alerted to every potentially hazardous stretch of road or danger spot. The S6-R comes complete with a highly innovative built-in modem, allowing the device to simply plug into any compatible telephone socket and download the database in a matter of minutes. To ensure that your S6-R is always effective, downloads can be performed as often as the user prefers. Please note that before you can use the S6-R it is first necessary to register and download this information, which is subject to a Service Charge - details below

The Snooper S6-R then compares your position, using the GPS antenna included, with the position of every known fixed speed monitoring system and accident hotspot, alerting you both audibly and visually via a speaker and LCD display.

The information the S6-R can give is further enhanced by many user selectable features. The LCD display can be programmed simply and easily through a Full Logic menu system to show your current speed, direction of travel and the speed limit and road number or name at each and every location detected (except those detected purely by radar or laser.)

Increase Your Awareness

The Snooper S6-R is also equipped with a user selectable speed limit alert system enabling the device to be programmed to alert you to any pre-determined speed you choose - acting as a constant reminder of the current speed limit.

Radar/Laser Detection Included as Standard

The Snooper S6-R also comes complete with a radar/laser detector (S6-RLD) which can be mounted on the dashboard or the inside of the windscreen. The S6-RLD is waterproof and comes complete with an under-bonnet mounting kit so that it can be positioned within the engine compartment behind the vehicle's grille for a professional installation.

The S6-RLD has been designed to detect all types of radar and laser speed monitoring systems often used in danger spots where 'Fixed' systems cannot be easily utilised, thus ensuring that you will be made alert to almost every accident hotspot and speed monitoring system whether fixed or mobile.

Detection of radar and laser is also selectable so that the device can be programmed to detect radar and laser, laser only or can even be turned off in low risk areas.

Snooper S6-R neo at a glance

Providing advanced warning of:

Installation - Professional or DIY options

The Snooper S6-R is a modular system and includes 3 separate components - a GPS antenna, radar/laser detector and S6-R control panel - to ensure a number of easy fitting options in any vehicle as well as on most motorcycles.It comes complete with a selection of brackets for installation, including....

Database Registration Charge

Current Standard Service Charge Options

Registration details are provided with order.

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