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The patented technological breakthroughs exclusive to the Snooper range of Radar and Laser Detectors provide demonstrable and significant advantages over any other products on the market.

Fundamental Mixer Technology (FMT ®)

Other radar detectors use a fundamental mixer for X band detection and then utilise the second and third harmonics of the X band mixer to obtain K and Ka band reception. This severely restricts the sensitivity on the two most important bands and can reduce the range on Ka band photographic radar to little more than 150 feet. FMT provides an individual mixer for each band ensuring that sensitivity on K and Ka band is maintained at the same level as X band. As these FMT instruments view each of the the three bands separately it is the same as having three high powered detectors in one unit. Range on Photo Radar is dramatically increased to over 1700 feet. No other detectors offer world beating FMT technology.

Response without FMT

Other manufacturers use a harmonic of the fundamental mixer for X band to detect K and Ka band radar. This dramatically reduces sensitivity on the two most important frequencies.

Response with FMT

All Snooper detectors utilise a separate mixer for each frequency which ensures a similar range from X, K and Ka bands. The increase in detection is dramatic as may be seen from the chart below.

Improved response chart

Three Band Plus (TBP ®)

Ka band radar on 34.3GHz has been used extensively in Europe with Photographic Radar for a number of years but its use has recently been extended with the Stalker Gun. This latest radar can now operate on any frequency between 33.4 GHz and 36.0 GHz and unless operating at 34.2GHz to 35.2GHz it would be invisible to normal wideband detectors. However TBP ensures the user is always protected by sweeping the entire Ka band six times a second. Combining with FMT it provides unrivalled performance for detecting all types of radar.

Wideband Ka coverage is available on ALL Snooper models. Complete detection of the newly extended Ka band width coupled with FMT technology ensures the user has absolute confidence in detecting all types of radar including the new Stalker Gun.

Radar Signal Verification (RSV)

An advanced signal processing technique that automatically eliminates the most common source of false or spurious information - I.F. (Intermediate Frequency) interference.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

A technology that enhances performance by preprocessing all incoming signals using extracted data to identify each radar signal faster and with greater accuracy.

Eurotech 2000

All Snoopers have been specially developed and modified for the UK and European markets. Both X and K bands have had their respective bandwidths extended to +/- 500 MHz from the centred frequency whilst the filtering systems have also been enhanced to restrict spurious signals as a result of using these wider tolerances.

Other detectors by comparison, confine these bandwidths to a maximum tolerance of just +/- 200MHz in the interest of reducing false signals at the lowest cost. This can mean that radar devices operating outside these tolerances may not be detected.

Off Axis Laser detection

The same Laser technology, recently rated number-one in a test conducted by Car and Driver magazine, is incorporated into all Snooper detectors. This patented technology offers the best in off-axis detection - the most common form of monitoring - and Laser detector's biggest challenge!

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