Snooper on test
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Extracts from the 'What Car' Magazine report on Radar Detectors

TEST ONE: To discover which of the three has the better range.

We lined up four detector equipped cars at the end of a long test straight; the arrangement was that the driver of each car would flash his lights as soon as his detector received a definite signal.

With the radar gun positioned initially almost a mile from the detector cars, readings were taken at each tenth of a mile along the straight as the gun operator approached. Five readings were taken at each distance: to simulate all conditions, the gun was pointed firstly at the cars, then at a 30 degree angle to the targets to establish its ability to pick up off-centre signals.

Our fourth and fifth readings were taken with the radar gun pointing firstly upwards, then directly down at the ground. The reasons are simple: the detectors cannot spot a trap unless the police gun is actually switched on. This is no problem as it is a legal requirement for the radar user to keep the gun on. What does cause trouble is when the gun is not in use the operator either holds it up or down, with the intention of weakening the signal, and so preventing the detector from receiving.

... one model comes out on top. The Snooper detector is not only easy to fit but also out performs it's counterparts. This unit exceeded our wildest dreams.

Over half a mile away the Spooper not only registered direct and at 30 degrees either side but also when the unit was pointed up and down. It kept this up throughout the test and at close range even received readings when the gun was pointed at a 45 degree angle to the car.

To find out just how much range this actually has we set up a trap by the side of a long stretch of road.

The gun could be detected as far as one mile away with a strong signal almost immediately. Further away, signals were still received, though not so unambiguously.

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